Catch and Inspire Them Young – (H.O.P.E)

Catch and Inspire Them Young – (H.O.P.E)

C.I.T.Y is an acronym for Catch and Inspire Them Young; it is a leadership program for teenagers powered by the Eagles HOPE Foundation (H.O.P.E).

Over the last 4 years through the C.I.T.Y program, H.O.P.E has engaged over 1,300 volunteers and a good number of corporate partners to reach over 7,500 Leaders (teenagers) across Nigeria at no cost to the teenagers.

In 2015 the C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School hosted over 450 teenagers in four locations across Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and Ota (Ogun State), engaging over 250 volunteers. The camps were running simultaneously in all four locations and were non-residential.

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This year C.I.T.Y Summer Leadership School: Leaders Arise 2.0, would be running in four (4) locations across Nigeria with a bit of difference; while being residential in Lagos-Ota and Port Harcourt locations, it would be non-residential in Ibadan and Abuja, with a total of 1000 Leaders in all locations and 250 Volunteers. From August 10th-August 20th, camp is opened to leaders between the ages of 13- 18 at no cost to the teenagers.


HOPE foundation is introducing something new and exciting this year with ‘’corporate volunteering’’, inviting staff members of companies that choose to partner with HOPE, to actively participate in camp, teach a few classes and educate the ‘’leaders’’ on career paths.

There are many exiting things to look forward to this year and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out!



For inquiries, call or email: 08099994673 or


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