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  • Emma's Corner
    Gbemi (Part 6)

    She looked at the caller ID, it was not Gbenga, it was her mother. The last thing...

  • Emma's Corner
    Gbemi (Part 5)

    She opened the door which led into a waiting area where they had always met for previous...

  • Emma's Corner
    Gbemi (Part 4)

    Gbenga was eager to hear what she had to say. Gbemi sighed and looked away. She had...

  • Emma's Corner
    Gbemi (Part 3)

    Gbemi was 10 minutes late. She left the office early enough but had a flat tire which...

  • Emma's Corner
    Gbemi (Part 2)

    She had a long day at work, she left the office obviously exhausted. The time was around...

  • Emma's Corner

    Gbemi woke up that Monday morning with a strange feeling. She knew it had to do with...

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