Through God’s Eyes

Through God’s Eyes

One reason why many of us act the way we do is because of the way we see. How we see determines how we act or react, what we say or don’t say, who we become or don’t become.

The smallest way to see is through human eyes. When we see situations, circumstances, life with human eyes, we place a limitation on ourselves.

I once saw myself through human eyes. I hear people say to me ‘I have a very low self-esteem’, and I smile because to me that is a great big ‘esteem’ compared to what I had. I had none whatsoever. I felt I was nothing, low, I didn’t deserve to be loved, I could only give but I was not worthy to be given. I wanted to believe something else, but everyone around me saw the very same thing, said it and even worse!

You see, as long as I saw myself that way, I didn’t get far. Actually, I didn’t get anywhere. I got swallowed up by every situation, Every circumstance ate through me… I was a limitation to the ‘me‘ in me! I couldn’t see far so I couldn’t do far.

But it took one simple scripture to change it all; Songs of Solomon 4:6:

‘You are beautiful and perfect. So spotless that you shine in and out.’

That was it! My mindset changed! I stopped seeing Stella the way the World had described her… The way she said she was, I stopped seeing her through human eyes. I Saw Stella the very way she really was; the way God saw her! I SAW ME THROUGH GOD’S EYES! Oh, Mehn! I am so Perfect, Perfection bows to me!

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Abraham saw generations when he didn’t even have one son. God said to him ‘As far as your eyes can see…’ If Abraham had looked with his own eyes, he would have limited his possession. He looked through God’s eyes and saw as far as God’s eyes could see and today, we all call him Father!

Challenges and limitations are big when we look at them through human eyes. Impossibilities abound when we look through human eyes. We look really small and frail when we look at ourselves through human eyes! The journey seems hard and long, the height seems unreachable when we look through human eyes.
Human eyes are configured to fail just as humans are. It focuses only on shallow things.

Its time to make the exchange; your eyes for His Eyes! God sees a won Victory where we see failure, God sees complete ability where we see disability and inability, God sees strength where we see weakness, He sees Grace where we see sin and trials, He sees Peace where we see turbulence, He sees Possibilities where we see impossibilities; And biggest of all, He sees Christ where we see our frail selves!

Isnt this beautiful? We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. We are More than Conquerors through Him that loves us. We are Overcomers, Doers, Achievers, Righteous, Perfect, Beautiful, Amazing; This is How God sees us.

Don’t look at yourself any less from now! Don’t look at situations bigger than they really are. The sickness is a lie of the devil. The storms are a facade. The trials have come to pass! Limitations don’t exist in your world!

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Friends, as you go through your life, See Only through God’s eyes and confess only what God sees.

You are Healed. You are Blessed. You are more than Conqueror. You have Overcome. You Can Do it.


You are Stellar!

I Love you!


Did you learn something? Have you ever been through a situation like this?  Don’t forget to drop a comment!

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Stella Eyuruntela Ashe

Stella Eyuruntela Ashe

I carry a burning passion  to reach out to my generation with God's Love, renewing hope, healing hurts, and reshaping destinies.
Stella Eyuruntela Ashe

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Stella Eyuruntela Ashe

I carry a burning passion  to reach out to my generation with God's Love, renewing hope, healing hurts, and reshaping destinies.

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